We work with collection teams to

Get the highest possible pre-legal collection success rate

"Tame delinquent accounts in 30 days!"

Always know

Where you stand

We help integrate our system into your daily routine. Your team will always know the best next step in the collection process

The chaos of

Delinquent Accounts

Uncollected debts
Difficult to hand off
Delinquent accounts get worse everyday
DSO increases every month

We help collection teams

Automate their work

Achieve higher success rate
Collect with insight using data
Identify risk and opportunity
Track customer performance and spot trends

What Jumping Fox Software can do

for your business

Stay on course

Automate your workflow and always know the best action to take

A clear direction

Know what accounts to focus on for the greatest collection success

Remove barriers

Collect using a secure web-based application with third-party integration

Tailored for you

A tailored approach for your organization

Predictive modeling

We use predictive modeling for internal data and credit checks

So easy to use

List debtors as non-payers with a credit bureau with just a click

Do you know the

best next step in
the collection process?

We take all of the complexity of collections and distill it down into the single best thing to do for successful collections

"Tame delinquent accounts in 30 days!"
Predictive analysis
Legal requirements
Communication channels
Workflow strategies
Successful collection
Daleen Vorster
Hendre Vorster

We know what it’s like to feel disorganized and overwhelmed when faced with the problem of collections. As attorneys we’ve watched our clients struggle with pre-legal collections for years. That’s why we built Jumping Fox Software. We teach you best practices for collecting debts, give you a system to make it easy, and the resources your team needs to become experts.

"Jumping Fox Software provides insightful reports and an easy to read dashboard. I have everything I need to manage my department  and report to management on one system, and it's online."

"Our main goal is to work online and to automate as many repetitive tasks as possible. We understand that being busy is not good enough. Jumping Fox Software helped us streamline our collection processes and gives direct access to legal, collection & workflow experts. Their debt restructure tool helps me to increase arrangement accounts to drastically improve our cash flow."

“Having the ability to customize and automate collection workflow and to have pre-legal collection templates available on the knowledge base are some of the best features. I know what accounts to focus on and where to put in the effort.”

These are just some of the clients we've helped successfully collect debt without resorting to their legal team

We price with insight

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We assess system usage and progress after six months. Set up fee from $700 (excludes custom development). We help structure your data, plan out your workflow and train your team for immediate impact.

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Monthly license fee includes

Dashboard & reports
Automated workflow and
Collection paper trail
Data Management
SMS & email functionality
And so much more...

$225per user

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